Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Challenge - Beauty of the Flower Winner!

Our winner is 13. Hibiscus Necklace - grakowsky

Here are the other 9 runners-up:

Second: 11. Pink Flower Sun Necklace - demetgun3

Third: 10. Mystical Orchid Necklace - CieloDesign

Fourth: 14. Water Lily - oraninbar

Fifth: 17. Warm Winter Bloom Necklace - SmadarsTreasure

Sixth: 5. Lady Slipper - savoystudio

Seventh: 12. Midnight hibiscus - Lauralia

Eighth: 1. Mother of Pearl Brooch - enchantedbeads

Ninth & Tenth Tie: 4. Bird of Paradise - ArtfulAr
and 9. The Beauty of the Columbine - dreambeadweaver

Congratulations to all of our entries

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My entry for November 2009 EBW Challenge

My entry is a brooch. It is a stylized feature of white flowers from Amazon.

It is listed on ArtFire

and on Etsy:

You can find there more pictures and detailed description of this piece.

November Challenge - Beauty of the Flower

November Challenge - Beauty of the Flower

Here are the Challenge entries for November ! Please click on the item in the list below the mosaic. It will get you to the Etsy Shop listing with details of each piece! You can vote for your favorite between November 9-15 here:



1. Mother of Pearl Brooch - enchantedbeads

2. Crape Jasmine Beadwoven Necklace - MaryTDesigns

3. Cape Primrose - glimmerstone

4. Bird of Paradise - ArtfulAr

5. Lady Slipper - savoystudio

6. Azalea Flower Necklace - Charmingthings

7. Floating Lotus Trinket Box - Medic5415

8. Crystal Flower Necklace - roseworksjewelry

9. The Beauty of the Columbine - dreambeadweaver

10. Mystical Orchid Necklace - CieloDesign

11. Pink Flower Sun Necklace - demetgun3

12. Midnight hibiscus - Lauralia

13. Hibiscus Necklace - grakowsky

14. Water Lily - oraninbar

15. Lotus Bracelet - SpringColors

16. Blue Lotus Necklace - windyriver

17. Warm Winter Bloom Necklace - SmadarsTreasure

Friday, October 16, 2009

October Challenge - Super Power Jewelry - Winner Announced

First place goes to

1. Cuff of Power - AngelqueCreations and

5. Black Spider Woman Necklace - SmadarsTreasure.

Second: 3. Emerald Enigma Necklace and Earring Set - HauteIceBeadwork

Third: A tie:

4. K - MadeByOlga and

14. The Power of Three - enchantedbeads

Forth: 10. I've got the Power - RachelesOriginal

Fifth: 12. Super Woman in Style - kraftymax

Sixth: 7. A Wonderous Woman - sedonaskye

Seventh: A third tie!

11. Galaxy Stars Super-Powered Collar - FrancescasFancy and

13. Xena - Suede Necklace with Beadwoven Beads - alatvian

Monday, October 12, 2009

October EBW Challenge

October Challenge - Super Power Jewelry

My entry for this Challenge is #14, "The Power of Three".

The Power of Three - Fall Colors Bracelet with Agate Cabochons

Please click on the item in the text list below the mosaic which links to each Etsy Shop, in order to see description and details of the piece.


Vote for your favorite between October 9th -15th by visiting the EBW Blog:

1. Cuff of Power - AngelqueCreations

2. Triforce Necklace - MaryTDesigns

3. Emerald Enigma Necklace and Earring Set - HauteIceBeadwork

4. K - MadeByOlga

5. Black Spider Woman Necklace - SmadarsTreasure

6. Power of Resistance Bracelet/Glove - dreambeadweaver

7. A Wonderous Woman - sedonaskye

8.Wonder Woman Rivoli Beaded Bridal Bracelet - SpringColors

9. EBWC Care Bears - Stellaltinaan

10. I've got the Power - RachelesOriginals

11. Galaxy Stars Super-Powered Collar - FrancescasFancy

12. Super Woman in Style - kraftymax

13. Xena - Suede Necklace with Beadwoven Beads - alatvian

14. The Power of Three - enchantedbeads

15. Power Goblet - njema

***Many thanks to Ann of Francesca's Fancy for producing the beautiful mosaic!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Courtney's Special Earrings

emailed me through Etsy asking if I could make a special order for her. She was getting married and her wedding was in 10 days. Not too much time for me ... I had to order the Swarovski stones, make the earrings and ship them on time...

I knew how important this could be for a bride and Courtney seemed a very nice young lady so I decided to do my best to help her...Everything went OK and I was able to deliver on time.

"Ileana is amazing. She custom made a pair of earrings for me last minute for my wedding, gorgeous. The amount of work she went through for a customer is reason for me to brag about her to anyone. The earrings are stunning". (Courtney)

I would like to share with you the pictures of a beautiful bride wearing the earrings I made for her, for this special event in her life.

Courtney gave me the permission to add the Link to her Blog. You can see more pictures there.

Thank you Courtney! I wish you a long an happy life with your husband, John!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

EBW September Challenge

The THEME is Indian Summer Dream. Here is my entry:

Indian Summer Dream - Pearls and Carnelian Necklace with Shell Pendant

Indian Summer Dream - Pearls and Carnelian Necklace with Shell Pendant
I made this lovely necklace with 4-5 mm carnelian beads and genuine 5 mm pearls. A pretty gold filled clasp closes the necklace. The pendant is made with a stunning 3.4" x 2.4" salmon pink abalone shell embellished with flowers made of carnelian cabochons, surrounded by size 15 Miyuki golden seed beads. The green leaves are made of the same tiny seed beads in shades of moss green. The stems made with small freshwater pearls complete the design.

Carnelian increases perception, precision, physical energy, provides protection against the emotions of fear and anger.
Pearls aid in physical healing, creativity and anger management. Mother of pearl offers protection and aids in relaxing and soothing the mind and body.

This necklace is a conversation piece. You can wear it on an evening out, as well as with a casual outfit. It is perfect for giving as a gift.

I made this necklace for the September Etsy Beadweavers Challenge, "Indian Summer Dream". You can find more beautiful entries by searching EBWC. More information in the team's Blog:


Please remember to visit the EBW Blog in order to vote for your favorite between Sept. 9-15. Thank you!

All the Entries

EBW September Challenge

1. Indian Summer Nights - triz

2. Indian Summer - BeadazzledofOregon

3. Indian Summer Dream - enchantedbeads

4. Parvati's Grace necklace - CieloDesign

5. Beadwoven Cellini Spiral Necklace- SalamanderHouse

6. Indian Summer Patchwork Bracelet - beadsandblooms

7. Mexican Indian Summer Peyote Bracelet - AngelqueCreations

8. Turquoise Dreams - ArtfulAr

9. Dreaming of Indian Summers - beadsforever

10. Indian Summer Dreams Bracelet - dreambeadweaver

11. Tropical Indian Summer-Cabochon Necklace - RachelesOriginals

12. Indian Summer Necklace - SmadarsTreasure

13. Autumn in New England Beaded Necklace - Fivefootfury13

14. the leafy series - Indian Summer - randomcreative

15. Sassafras Tea - beaglebeads

16. Autumn Sun - Medic5415

17. The Faery Flora and Fauna Beadwoven Cuff - MizzMoxie

18. Pepper Profusion Necklace and Earring Set - HauteIceBeadwork

19. Indian Summer Dream Necklace - GinjaGirlDesigns

20. Indian Summer Sunset - trinitydj

21. INDIAN SUMMER Necklace - caraway

22. Indian summer dusk - Stellaltinaan

23. Beadwoven Plume Agate Necklace - BeadworksbyKerri

24. Indian Summer Dreams - ThePreciousBeads

25. I Dream of an Indian Summer - sedonaskye

26. Autumnal Waters choker - AmethystRavenstar

27. Indian summer sunset OOAK necklace - Lauralia

28. Indian Summer Beaded Necklace - SpringColors

29. Bronze Indian Summer Necklace - glimmerstone

30. Harvest Profusion Orange - HannahRachel

31. Night Guard Owl necklace - BeadCatcher

32. Don't Let Me Fall into Fall Bracelet - kraftymax

33. Heat Waves - Room3designs

Saturday, September 5, 2009

30 ways (and more) to wear a Brooch

Some of my SOLD Brooches

You can find more of my brooches in my Shop at

or at

What customers say about my brooches:

"I'm speechless!!! This is THE most gorgeous brooch I have ever seen. Incredible, intricate work!! Thank you so much!" (Elizabeth)

" Excellent quality brooch. Very, very unique. The work is very professional and the piece has a wonderful weight to it." " W O W ! ! A work of art!! The varied bead colors and textures combine to make a dreamy lavender heart." (Stacy)

* * *

Glenda from Dax Designs www.daxdesigns.etsy.com recently published in her Blog a great post about many ways of wearing a brooch. I love everything about brooches so I asked her permission to publish excerpts from her post here.

The top 30 ways to wear a brooch

Dress, top, blouse, T-shirts
1. Tradition says wear it on the upper left of your blouse, dress or top.
2. Break tradition and wear several at once.
3. Wear it at lowest point of your neckline on a low cut dress or top.
4. Wear a plain shirt buttoned to the neck and pin a brooch over the top button.
5. Pin some matching brooches on a blouse like decorative buttons - pin in lines, make triangles or whatever takes your fancy.

Cardigans and Jackets
6. Use a brooch to close a cardigan
7. Follow tradition and pin a brooch to your label, break tradition and pin more than one.

8. Cover a vest with lots of brooches for drama.
9. Wear just one on a vest to make a statement – formal, fun or casual.

10. Pin brooches on plain shoes to dress them up – match or not depending on your style.

11. If you wear slit skirts a brooch at the top of the slit will highlight your legs.

12. Pin brooches down the side of the leg of your pants. Apparently, it makes your legs look longer – but it is also fun.

13. Tie a scarf over your hips and pin the brooch on the knot of the scarf.
14. Wrap a scarf or a pashmina around your shoulders and pin the knot or the overlap with a brooch.
15. Use your scarf as a bandana and pin the brooch to the front or to the knot at the back.

16. Create a signature hat (any style) with a brooch – fun, dramatic or stylish.

Bags or purses
17. Pin a brooch on a tote bag for effect.
18. Use a brooch on the fastener or use it as one.
19. Pin the brooch on the handle of a handbag at the point it rests on your shoulder.
20. Pin a brooch on the front of a clutch purse to change its look.
21. Add a brooch to a chain strap – co-ordinate with your outfit.

22. Pin brooches onto a simple chain and draw the draw towards your neckline.

Key chains
23. Put a small length of patterned or plain ribbon knotted around a ring keychain and add a brooch to it. Use durable brooches that won’t snag.

24. Pin a brooch on the back of your gloves – just one, or both.

25. Pin the brooch over a leather (or fabric) buckle of a plain belt.
26. Pin a brooch to a cloth or chain belt for individual style.

27. Pin brooches on a headband. If it’s the colour of your hair they will pop out from your hair. 28. Pin a brooch on a plain fabric hairclip for effect.
29. Pin a brooch onto a leather thong tied around your hair.

30. Pin brooches on a simple chain, cloth or leather wristband.


Please visit Glenda's Blog, here:


Friday, August 21, 2009

Thanks Ruthie!

I am featured again, in the ByHand Gallery through Ruthie's selection.


Congratulations to all EBW artists featured:

time2cre8, SpringColors, gr8jewellery, Charmingthings, enchantedbeads, Fivefootfury13, SmadarsTreasure, thebeadedlily, ThreeFatedDesign

THANK YOU, Ruthie!

Ruthie's Etsy Shop:


What a pleasant surprise! Smadar's Treasury "Silver and Gold" hit the Front Page and one of my brooches was featured. It is Sea World Series - Venus Shell Brooch

Here is Smadar's beautiful treasury:

The August EBW Challenge Winner is...

21. Royal Blue - Marie-Antoinette - StudioAnnieVeillette

SECOND: 1. Nefertiti's Treasure Beadwoven Choker Necklace - RachelesOriginals

THIRD: 9. Bright Young Thing - copperwaycrafts

FOURTH: 10. Luthien - MadeByOlga

FIFTH: 6. Shades of the Southwest - beadsandblooms

SEVENTH: 30. Montana Sapphire - beadwoman3

SIXTH: 15. Brigid Flower Necklace - SpringColors

EIGHTH: 28. Alexandra's necklace - CieloDesign

NINTH: 19. Lagoon Lustre - sutkibeads

TENTH: 12. Mademoiselle Coco Couture Wrist Cuff - gypsyeyesjewelry

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and to all participants!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

EBW August Challenge

AUGUST 2009 Challenge
1. Nefertiti's Treasure Beadwoven Choker Necklace - RachelesOriginals

2. All That Glitters ... Is Not Gold - beadsforever

3. Gaia Goddess Beadwoven Bracelet - cigarboxbeads

4. Punk Rocker Bracelet in Blue and Black - roseworksjewelry

5. Peyote bracelet for Queen Maud of Norway - PFordCustomJewelry

6. Shades of the Southwest - beadsandblooms

7. Black and Gold - ArtfulAr

8. The FIRST Lady of Style - BettyStephanBeadwork

9. Bright Young Thing - copperwaycrafts

10. Luthien - MadeByOlga

11. Black Beauty jewelry set - BeadCatcher

12. Mademoiselle Coco Couture Wrist Cuff - gypsyeyesjewelry

13. The Elizabethan - daynamiles

14. For Sofia - Choker - triz

15. Brigid Flower Necklace - SpringColors

16. S.W.A.L.K -'Sealed With A Loving Kiss' - Astersadler

17. Just Our Style - 1BeadAtATime

18. Coco Chanel Inspired Cuff Bracelet - GinjaGirlDesigns

19. Lagoon Lustre - sutkibeads

20. A Necklace for Michelle - BeadazzledofOregon

21. Royal Blue - Marie-Antoinette - StudioAnnieVeillette

22. 2 in 1 Multi Strand Silver and Blue Iris Necklace - SmadarsTreasure

23. Princess Jezebel's Jewels - Fivefootfury13

24. Memories IN Style - trinitydj

25. Victorian Cameo Brooch - enchantedbeads

26. Aphrodite - GreenEnvyDesigns

27. Classic Celtic Braided Bracelet - AmethystRavenstar

28. Alexandra's necklace - CieloDesign

29. Turtle Dream Weaver Necklace - kraftymax

30. Montana Sapphire - beadwoman3

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August EBW Challenge - My Entry

My artistic soul was always fascinated by Cameos. They are witnesses of elegant styles for many great Ladies in history.

To create this beautiful, one of a kind brooch I used a vintage Victorian Cameo found in a antique store. It did not have a frame or a setting so it was the perfect object for me to embellish with love. I framed it with small coral beads and size 15 gold and copper seed beads from Japanese Miyuki, sewn one bead at a time, in a design that would enhance its natural beauty. The brooch measures approx. 47 mm x 45 mm x15 mm and has a strong, good quality pin back. It is beautifully finished with leather (see last picture) and my initials IM are stamped into the sterling silver palette that is applied to the back of the brooch. A lovely conversation piece!

I created this Cameo Brooch for the August 2009 Etsy Beadweavers Challenge. The theme is 'First Ladies of Style' and the Cameo Brooch is a tribute to the feminine beauty.

Cameos held a very important place in history from the ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, ancient Greece to the Renaissance revival and 19-th century France, where Cameos became the "most sought after jewel by Queens and Princesses throughout Europe".

SEARCH EBW Team and EBWC for other unique beautiful beaded creations.
Please visit the EBW Blog at
to see more entries. Between August 9th and 15th, you'll be able to vote for your favorite.

Project 2009 Breast Cancer Quilts

Bead-It-Forward Project 2009 Breast Cancer Quilts

Presenting the 2009 Bead-It-Forward beaded quilts. Auctioned at the Bead Social during the Bead and Button Show in June 2009, each quilt combines 100 squares from bead artists around the world. Jeanette Shanigan is the founder and organizer of this annual fundraising project, which began in 2006.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads purchased three of the nine 2009 beaded quilts. The Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer auction brought in over $14,000, with the proceeds benefiting the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center.

Learn more about the Bead-It-Forward project here.

Quilt #6

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Challenges

This month I am participating in two challenges with the same necklace.

"NEW HORIZONS" Challenge

This is The Beadweaving Emporium's (at 1000markets) first beadweaving challenge, titled:
"New Horizons".
Vote between: July 9-15th.
Please vote for your favorite artist on the voting poll. We will announce the winner July 16th and the winner will choose the theme for our next challenge for September.


These friendly & fun challenges are beneficial to our market for several reasons. They are a great way to increase our beadweaving skills, inspire us in a new and unexpected ways, and give us the opportunity to showcase our works. We ask that you please take the time to review the challenge pieces and then go to our offsite Beadweaving Emporium Blog at http://www.thebeadweavingemporium.blogspot.com to vote for your favorite. The voting polls will be open from July 9th through July 15th, 2009.

The participants are as follows:

1. Sandfibers with You are my sunshine

2. Njema with New Horizons Bowl

3. Slavetobeads with Green Earth the New Horizon

4. Beadazzled of Oregon with A New Horizon; Sunrise

5. Three Fates Design with Rising Sun-New Horizon Necklace

6. Rachele's Originals with A New Horizon Barrette

7. Enchanted Beads with New Horizons Wedding Necklace

8. Beadsforever with Night Vision Necklace

Thanks again for your support!!

Etsy BeadWeavers' July Challenge - Here comes the bride...

Voting begins on Thursday July 9th and ends midnight July 15th. You can click on the item in the text list below the mosaic linking to the Etsy Shop listing of each entrant. You can read the description of the item there.


1. Pearl Romance Collar - nemeton

2. Intertwined in Love for Wedding Bliss - kraftymax

3. Pearls and Crystals and Silver OH MY - cigarboxbeads

4. Neptunes Bride - triz

5. Pearls And Gold - Bridal Jewelry - Rainy Lane

6. Something Blue - randomcreativ

7. Love Goes Round and Round - 1BeadAtATime

8. Forever Yours - beadsandblooms

9. Bridal Cameo Necklace - Medic5415

10. Geometric Decadence - vanishingpearl

11. Floral Lace - ArtfulAr

12. Champagne Dreams - HauteIceBeadwork

13. A Touch of India - BeadazzledofOregon

14. Seaside Wedding - caraway

15. Two Hearts Become One - BeadworksbyKerri

16. Bridal Tradition - glimmerstone

17. White Bridal Wave - HannahRachel

18. Dare to Dream of Crystals and Pearls - dreambeadweaver

19. Gothic Wedding Fetish Beaded Fishnet Gloves - crownrosegems

20. Two Shall Become One - beadsforever

21. Something New Something Blue - jodihorgan

22. Halloween Bride - alatvian

23. The Blushing Bride - Fivefootfury13

24. Something Borrowed, Something Blue - AmethystRavenstar

25. The Mermaid Bride - ThesePreciousThings

26. Something Blue - copperwaycrafts

27. Beadwoven Bridal Necklace and Earrings - SmadarsTreasure

28. Jewels of Dawn Bridal necklace - CieloDesign

29. Walking on Air - RedCatArtBeads

30. Wrist Corsage - MoreThanSomewhat

31. Stars in my Eyes Bridal Necklace - SpringColors

32. Sparkling Bride - Amykohndesigns

33. Champagne Sparkle necklace - FleurDeIrk

34. Crystal Ice - fashionsfrome

35. Fairy Tale Princess Bride Choker - FrancescasFancy

36. Rebel Bride Freeform Cuff - playnwithbeads

37. Here Comes the Bride - enchantedbeads

38. Indian Bride - BeadCatcher

39. And Together - LiciaBeads

Voting begins on Thursday July 9th and ends midnight July 15th.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Brooches are Collectibles!?!

I SOLD my Flamboyant Flower Brooch to this Lady in Baltimore and she wrote me this note:

"This is a gift. I own two other of your brooches which were given to me as gifts. I want to give this one to a good friend celebrating her 70th birthday".

Barbara made my day! It is good to know there are people out there who appreciate your work, that you can be "found" by word of mouth, that little by little your pieces become collectibles.

I remember the two other Brooches.

One of them was EBWC The Purple Eye of a Summer Storm -Amethyst Brooch
It was my second sale at Etsy, in March 2008

The other one was sold in March 2007 at ARTFX, a Gallery in Annapolis, MD. Here is Barbara, again:

"Dear Ileana,

That first one was from my son, Michael and I love it. The second one was serendipity...my business partners saw it in a craft store in Annapolis where we are located and got it for me for my birthday. It is more rectangular in shape but with concave sides in browns and blacks. I like that one also!>

I still have the picture, I will show it here. It flatters me but it humbles me at the same time to see my work becomming collectibles.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tribute to SLAVKO

A few days ago I found out with deep sadness that Slavko passed away. Storque published a Story by VickiDianeDesigns:

"Our very dear and cherished, very popular artist here on Etsy, Slavko, sadly and tragically passed away on June 2nd 2009. His death has stunned and shocked not just those who *knew* him. It is a great loss to Etsy and his many devoted fans and friends..." (read the whole story here):


Then, on Slavko's page it was this announcement , written by his wife, Maida:



I only knew Slavko from his picture on Etsy. He reminded me of a wise man from the Balcans. He is from Bosnia, I am from Romania. I fell in love with his incredible work and I admired his unique personality, his creativity, his spirit, reflected in his fabulous paintings and superb ceramics. He was generous, kind, supportive, a sweet man. May his soul rest in peace!

Like many other Etsians I took pride in featuring his work in some of my treasuries.

I am the proud owner of "Picasso face", one of his one of a kind ceramic pendants. I will have a little piece of Slavko's art that I will cherrish for years to come.

Today I made a Treasury as a tribute to Slavko: This is Art. It will be live until Sunday, June 14, 9:41 am. You can visit and comment here:


I visited again today Slavko's page and I found this note from his wife and step-daughter. I would like to share it with you:





Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy BeadWeavers' June Challenge - Humor

This is my entry for the June Challenge, HOUSE for RENT with Garden View

The Story:
The Spider is looking for a place to live and she found this inviting little house. She is going to be happy here, since there is a colorful garden around it.

I made this beautiful brooch using a gray agate cabochon, framed with a bezel made with 2 mm red coral beads and size 15 seed beads from Japanese Miyuki in shades of lime green.

The Characters:
The Spider is made with genuine gray pearls and seed beads. The House is a stunning iridescent found shell. The Flower is beadwoven with 2 mm genuine pearls and orange-red seed beads. It is accented with small beaded leaves in dark olive green.

Here are all twenty-one entries for the challenge and they are spectacular! Please visit each entry to read their story, in order to find out how each of these pieces relates to the theme.

If you click on the item in the list below the mosaic you will be taken to the Etsy Shop listing of each entrant. Please visit the Etsy Beadweavers Blog:


and vote for your favorite June 9th through the 15th!

Etsy BeadWeavers' June Challenge - Humour

1. Adios Pollo - BeadazzledofOregon

2. HOUSE for RENT with Garden View - enchantedbeads

3. Jolly Jester - ArtfulAr

4. WEED Necklace - HauteIceBeadwork

5. Riot of Color Sparkly Rope Necklace - roseworksjewelry

6. Curly Black Rock Bacelet - SpringColors

7. inside jokes - thebeadedlily

8. Clown Fish Join the Carnival - beadsandblooms

9. Where's Waldo - Oops... I Mean Where's Lizard - fashionsfrome

10. Tartan Scottie Dog beaded cuff - Crownrosegems

11. Gone Fishing---Cat and fish bracelet - vanishingpearl

12. HERE'S LOOKIN' AT YOU Blown Glass Eye Pendant Set - caraway

13. Curiosity killed the Toilet Paper - LiciaBeads

14. Where Is My UFO - binkaminka

15. NOT My Mother - PfordCustomJewelry

16. Money doesn't grow on trees Necklace - CieloDesign

17. Harlequin - Free Form Beaded Cuff - ThreeFatesDesign

18. Punch-Line Bracelet - FrancescasFancy

19. Pond Frog Bracelet - savoystudio

20. Harlequin - jmackgems


News from


The “2nd Annual Yart Sale” will be held from Wednesday June 10th-Sunday June 14th, 2009. This year the “2nd Annual Yart Sale” will be sponsored by the Etsy Supply Street Team (Team ESST). Although not an official Etsy event, it is Etsy supported as evidenced by the Storque article.

A “Yart Sale” is an artistic spin on the traditional Yard Sale: Art + Yard Sale = “Yart Sale”. There are many art museums, artists, and groups that have Yart sales annually to raise cash.

All Etsy shops are invited to participate. Choose to participate in your Handmade Store, your Supply Store, or your Vintage Store. If you have more than one shop you can participate in all of them.

To join the sale, simply post the following Yart Sale Announcement in the Shop Announcement section of your Etsy Shop and please include a short description of how you will be participating in the sale:
“I am participating in the Yart Sale on Etsy sponsored by Team ESST”.

Team ESST invites you to come, post, chat and shop on the “Official Yart Sale” thread in the Promotions Section of the Etsy forums. A new thread will be posted daily at 7:00 AM EDT beginning on Wednesday June 10th by the Etsy Supply Street Team with the forum title:
SECOND ANNUAL YART SALE sponsored by Team ESST- June 10, 2009-Wednesday

Participating in the daily forum thread is a way that shoppers can find your shop. Simply post what you are offering. You could also encourage visitors to search “Yart” in handmade, supplies, or vintage. Even if you are simply offering a discount, it would be to your advantage to place Yart somewhere in at least a few of your titles or tags in your shop to draw those searching for items to your shop.

If you are interested in changing your avatar to reflect the Yart Sale you can create your own, or use one of the following. This year fellow Team ESST member Misosoup has created two which are available for your use:

We look forward to your participation in the Yart Sale. It is a fun event with much enthusiasm, energy and creativity! So get ready and we will see you there! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Team ESST!


Enchanted Beads
and Enchanted Bitz

will be participating!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

And the May Challenge Winner is...

EBW May Challenge - Hollywood Red Carpet Winner!

The May EBW Challenge had 21 entries, with a total of 467 votes. 104 of them went to our winner - Suprastellar Red Carpet necklace by CieloDesign.

Etsy BeadWeavers are already at work on the June Challenge - Humour. You can read all about it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Etsy BeadWeavers May Challenge

Hollywood Red Carpet Creations

The 21 entries for the challenge are in! Created with tiny little beads, needle and thread hey are all amazingly beautiful!

You can click on the item in the text list below the mosaic which links to the Etsy Shop listing of each entrant where you will see more detail of each piece. The poll will open for you to cast your vote for your favorite, May 9th through the 15th!



1. Diamonds and Gold II - beaglebeads

2. Buried Treasure OOAK - GoodQuillHunting

3. how to be a rock star beadwoven cuff - thebeadedlily

4. Amethyst Netted Necklace - glimmerstone

5. Black Tie - beadsandblooms

6. Queen Of Sheba Necklace - HannahRachel

7. Golden Brooch with Pearls - enchantedbeads

8. Bollywood Glamour - SmadarsTreasure

9. Sophia Loren's Green Garnet encrusted choker - crownrosegems

10. Ms. Monroe - Evandra

11. The Prince and the Showgirl - ThesePreciousThings

12. Josephine Baker Burlesque Wrist Cuff - gypsyeyesjewelry

13. Suprastellar Red Carpet necklace - CieloDesign

14. Angelina Jolie Bracelet - triz

15. To Liz.. - beadsbyvezsuzsi

16.Scarlett's bracelet - carmenesque

17. The Red Carpet Bracelet for a Mom - alatvian

18. Night of Stars - jodihorgan

19. Vera Similitude Walks the Red Carpet - HauteIceBeadwork

20. Gladiator - jmackgems

21. Cascade - njema

Voting begins on Saturday, May 9th and ends midnight May 15th. The ballot will appear on the side bar at right on May 9th. Thank you!

Many thanks to Ann of Francesca's Fancy for creating this beautiful mosaic of the Challenge pieces.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The third Barrette looks like a LOTUS. It is made with a captured opal cabochon and two large amethyst marquise cabochons. The opal is surrounded by genuine amethyst beads, and finished with a little flower made with seed beads. The two amethyst cabochons are surrounded by mother of pearl beads. In between these three beautiful cabochons - a shiny genuine off white pearl. The barrette is framed with dark lavender seed beads.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The second Barrette is made with blue German Glass. It is a beautiful royal blue and I enhanced the color with white genuine pearls. I added two royal blue cat's eye cabochons to complete the design. (to be continued...)

Friday, April 24, 2009


S... is a friend who declared she is a fan of my work. She loves barrettes and barrettes love her beautiful long, curly, blond hair. The first barrette in a series of three ordered by S...is made of a genuine jade cabochon, coral beads, cat's eye cabochons, and genuine pearls, all surrounded by seed beads. (to be continued...)

Friday, April 17, 2009


I enjoy making Treasuries! I am discovering my inner curator. I made several treasuries this month. I am choosing this one for my Blog, because of the rich colors and this Southern feeling.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

EBW April Challenge - Results

EBW April Challenge - Time Machine Winner!

News from the EBW Blog:

<Time machine - beadsbyvezsuzs. About this gorgeous necklace, she says:

This necklace was made for the request of Team EBW. I just loved the topic at the first sight. My time machine is working very-very easily. You can turn time forwald or backward with the gears and this is the way to travel to future or past. Silver symbolize the future and tufa is past. I set the tufa by tubular RAW.>>

Other runners-up in this challenge are:

Second: 9. For the Women of the Future - SmadarsTreasure

Third: 21. Sticks and Stones Choker Necklace - HauteIceBeadwork

Fourth: 24. Nefertiti necklace - FleurDeIrk

Fifth: 22. Tudors Inspired Crystal Cabochon Necklace - SpringColors

Sixth: 2. time machine cuff - thebeadedlily

Seventh: 1. Atlantis - AnnetteMackrel

Eighth: 6. As Time Collides - crownrosegems

Ninth: 7. Drops Of Time Necklace - binkaminka

Tenth: 30. A Magical Journey - enchantedbeads