Sunday, September 13, 2009

Courtney's Special Earrings

emailed me through Etsy asking if I could make a special order for her. She was getting married and her wedding was in 10 days. Not too much time for me ... I had to order the Swarovski stones, make the earrings and ship them on time...

I knew how important this could be for a bride and Courtney seemed a very nice young lady so I decided to do my best to help her...Everything went OK and I was able to deliver on time.

"Ileana is amazing. She custom made a pair of earrings for me last minute for my wedding, gorgeous. The amount of work she went through for a customer is reason for me to brag about her to anyone. The earrings are stunning". (Courtney)

I would like to share with you the pictures of a beautiful bride wearing the earrings I made for her, for this special event in her life.

Courtney gave me the permission to add the Link to her Blog. You can see more pictures there.

Thank you Courtney! I wish you a long an happy life with your husband, John!


  1. Great story and what a lucky bride to have such a memorable pair of earrings made just for her.



  2. Lovely! Great job getting them to her in such a short time! It's what customer service is all about!

  3. Now that's customer service at it's finest. Those are beautiful earrings and look lovely on the bride.

  4. Gorgeous Earrings, Beautiful Bride, and Exceptional Service!!

  5. I know I am sooo lucky, she made my vision come true, the earrings are just gorgeous! It was truly amazing how Ileana made this happen. She had to order the crystals and then actually make the gorgeous earring in only about 3 days, just in time to overnite them to me for Friday for my Saturday Wedding! I am a lucky girl.

  6. Those earrings are gorgeous! She's a lucky bride to have you as her personal jeweler.

  7. Wonderful story Ileana, thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautiful earrings and a wonderful story. Shows what a kind and talented person you are. The pictures of the wedding are lovely.

  9. Lovely earrings! And what a beautiful wedding :)
    Thanks for sharing, Ileana!