Sunday, September 13, 2009

Courtney's Special Earrings

emailed me through Etsy asking if I could make a special order for her. She was getting married and her wedding was in 10 days. Not too much time for me ... I had to order the Swarovski stones, make the earrings and ship them on time...

I knew how important this could be for a bride and Courtney seemed a very nice young lady so I decided to do my best to help her...Everything went OK and I was able to deliver on time.

"Ileana is amazing. She custom made a pair of earrings for me last minute for my wedding, gorgeous. The amount of work she went through for a customer is reason for me to brag about her to anyone. The earrings are stunning". (Courtney)

I would like to share with you the pictures of a beautiful bride wearing the earrings I made for her, for this special event in her life.

Courtney gave me the permission to add the Link to her Blog. You can see more pictures there.

Thank you Courtney! I wish you a long an happy life with your husband, John!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

EBW September Challenge

The THEME is Indian Summer Dream. Here is my entry:

Indian Summer Dream - Pearls and Carnelian Necklace with Shell Pendant

Indian Summer Dream - Pearls and Carnelian Necklace with Shell Pendant
I made this lovely necklace with 4-5 mm carnelian beads and genuine 5 mm pearls. A pretty gold filled clasp closes the necklace. The pendant is made with a stunning 3.4" x 2.4" salmon pink abalone shell embellished with flowers made of carnelian cabochons, surrounded by size 15 Miyuki golden seed beads. The green leaves are made of the same tiny seed beads in shades of moss green. The stems made with small freshwater pearls complete the design.

Carnelian increases perception, precision, physical energy, provides protection against the emotions of fear and anger.
Pearls aid in physical healing, creativity and anger management. Mother of pearl offers protection and aids in relaxing and soothing the mind and body.

This necklace is a conversation piece. You can wear it on an evening out, as well as with a casual outfit. It is perfect for giving as a gift.

I made this necklace for the September Etsy Beadweavers Challenge, "Indian Summer Dream". You can find more beautiful entries by searching EBWC. More information in the team's Blog:

Please remember to visit the EBW Blog in order to vote for your favorite between Sept. 9-15. Thank you!

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

30 ways (and more) to wear a Brooch

Some of my SOLD Brooches

You can find more of my brooches in my Shop at

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What customers say about my brooches:

"I'm speechless!!! This is THE most gorgeous brooch I have ever seen. Incredible, intricate work!! Thank you so much!" (Elizabeth)

" Excellent quality brooch. Very, very unique. The work is very professional and the piece has a wonderful weight to it." " W O W ! ! A work of art!! The varied bead colors and textures combine to make a dreamy lavender heart." (Stacy)

* * *

Glenda from Dax Designs recently published in her Blog a great post about many ways of wearing a brooch. I love everything about brooches so I asked her permission to publish excerpts from her post here.

The top 30 ways to wear a brooch

Dress, top, blouse, T-shirts
1. Tradition says wear it on the upper left of your blouse, dress or top.
2. Break tradition and wear several at once.
3. Wear it at lowest point of your neckline on a low cut dress or top.
4. Wear a plain shirt buttoned to the neck and pin a brooch over the top button.
5. Pin some matching brooches on a blouse like decorative buttons - pin in lines, make triangles or whatever takes your fancy.

Cardigans and Jackets
6. Use a brooch to close a cardigan
7. Follow tradition and pin a brooch to your label, break tradition and pin more than one.

8. Cover a vest with lots of brooches for drama.
9. Wear just one on a vest to make a statement – formal, fun or casual.

10. Pin brooches on plain shoes to dress them up – match or not depending on your style.

11. If you wear slit skirts a brooch at the top of the slit will highlight your legs.

12. Pin brooches down the side of the leg of your pants. Apparently, it makes your legs look longer – but it is also fun.

13. Tie a scarf over your hips and pin the brooch on the knot of the scarf.
14. Wrap a scarf or a pashmina around your shoulders and pin the knot or the overlap with a brooch.
15. Use your scarf as a bandana and pin the brooch to the front or to the knot at the back.

16. Create a signature hat (any style) with a brooch – fun, dramatic or stylish.

Bags or purses
17. Pin a brooch on a tote bag for effect.
18. Use a brooch on the fastener or use it as one.
19. Pin the brooch on the handle of a handbag at the point it rests on your shoulder.
20. Pin a brooch on the front of a clutch purse to change its look.
21. Add a brooch to a chain strap – co-ordinate with your outfit.

22. Pin brooches onto a simple chain and draw the draw towards your neckline.

Key chains
23. Put a small length of patterned or plain ribbon knotted around a ring keychain and add a brooch to it. Use durable brooches that won’t snag.

24. Pin a brooch on the back of your gloves – just one, or both.

25. Pin the brooch over a leather (or fabric) buckle of a plain belt.
26. Pin a brooch to a cloth or chain belt for individual style.

27. Pin brooches on a headband. If it’s the colour of your hair they will pop out from your hair. 28. Pin a brooch on a plain fabric hairclip for effect.
29. Pin a brooch onto a leather thong tied around your hair.

30. Pin brooches on a simple chain, cloth or leather wristband.


Please visit Glenda's Blog, here: