Saturday, March 17, 2012

EBWC March 2012 Challenge, "Destinations"

My bracelet, "Renaissance" won the 8-th place in the popular vote.

It can be found on Etsy:

Congratulations to Sydney of Lost Aloha, winner of March "Destinations: challenge

Congratulations go to Sydney of LostAloha Fan favorite winner of March's Destinations challenge Sydney's BeadedPlumeria Lei captured 199 of the 763 votes (26 %). Congratulations also go to Sydney as her entry won the Member vote and she will have the honors of selecting the them for the May challenge

Here is a look at the runners up in this months challenge and congratulations to all who entered.

2nd place - 23. Coral Reef Beadwork Necklace - bead4me with 84 votes (10%) also congratulations to Isabella as her necklace sold
3rd place -17. Magic of the East - zviagil with 77 votes (10%)
4th place - 42. Lotus Lands Bracelet - thistledew4u with 51 votes (6%)
Tied for 5th place - 7. Final Destination - KrisDesignFSP and 12. Yucatan EARTH, SEA & SKY - crownrosegems with 27 votes each (3%)
Tied for 6th place - 27. My Mine Bead Embroidery Bracelet - crimsonfrog and 44. Emerald Isle - HauteIceBeadwork with 24 votes each (3%)
7th place - 28. Wavy Sand - AnnaCohen with 21 votes (2%) also Anna's entrys sold as well so double congrats
8th place 47. Renaissance - enchantedbeads with 20 votes (2%)
Tied for 9th place - 33. Green Maze Embroidered Sash - SpiralDesignJewelry and 8. La Belle Paris - SpringColors with 18 votes each (2%)
and 10th place - 34. Green, Brown and Tan Beadwoven Necklace - MaryTDesigns with 15 votes (1%)

Congratulations to all 48 members who entered this challenge we all all winners every one.
You can see all the entries here:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

EBW September Challenge - "Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!"

Ann of FrancescasFancy, challenged us to create a piece for "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" Walk on your wild side and unleash your inner beast! Find inspiration in any animal of your choice, and then, add an element of magic and mystery from the books or movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Use your wildlife in any way you like. It might be a face, silhouette, a foot or paw print, scary or humorous pose, or whatever you find interesting. Then add a hint of the Emerald City with a splash of green, or walk the beads in steps made by the ruby slippers. You might weave the yellow brick road, or the flying monkeys may swing into your work. Maybe you twist a creation reminiscent of a tornado, with swirling colors in chaos.
There are an abundance of iconic elements to draw from. You could play on one of the many themes of Dorothy's journey in her search for a way home. The only requirements are to have an animal represented and something from the magical land of Oz.

Please vote for your favorite entry in the EBW Blog:

My entry is #14

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vaudeville Gypsy Featured Artisan

This Weeks Featured Artisan is Vaudeville Gypsy. Truly Unique Creations

to tickle your fancy! You can find Vaudeville Gypsy on:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My August EBWC Entry

I won the 9-th place with my Tutti Frutti bracelet in the August EBWC.

EBW August Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the August Challenge, "Summer's Juicy Fruit!"

Congratulations go to Katalin Budainé Nagy of Budaikata, the 1st place winner of the Summer's Juicy Fruit Challenge Fan Favorite Vote for her "Summer's Juicy Fruits Jewelry Set." Katalin’s beautiful entry received 96 votes (19%).

The runners up are:
2nd Place - # 12 Citrus Slice Bracelet – BohoDameDesigns with 86 votes (17%)
3rd Place - #13 Lemonade – Vicus with 36 votes (7%)
4th Place - #3 Bottled Cherries – 4uidzne with 32 votes (6%)
5th Place - #19 Wild Blueberries Bead Embroidered Collar Necklace – glimmerstone with 31 votes (6%)
6th Place - #16 Peach Profusion Necklace – HauteIceBeadwork with 26 votes (5%)
7th Place - #8 Life’s a Peach Beadwoven Amulet Bag – beadn4fun with 22 votes (4%)
8th Place - #7 Summer Berries Bead Woven Bracelet – iceboxgems with 21 votes (4%)
9th Place - #22 Bracelet TuttiFrutti – enchantedbeads with 19 votes (3%)
10th Place - #5 Strawberry Fields Forever – randomcreative with 18 votes (3%)

Congratulations also go to Sarah Breese of BohoDameDesigns and her Citrus Slice Bracelet, the winner of the Summer's Juicy Fruit Challenge Team Vote!

Sarah will have the honors of selecting the theme for the October challenge.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Congratulations the winners of the June "Heal the World"

Congratulations go to Sharayah of 4uidzne, winner of this months "Heal the World" popular vote. Sharayah's entry Eating Disorders won 73 (15%) of the 472 popular votes.

The runners up were:
2nd place - 10. Forgotten Coast - TheBeadedBead with 57 votes (12%)
3rd place - 19. Mojo for a Mustang - BoonieBeads with 46 votes (9%)
4th place - 13. Uranium238icus Paeonia Suffruticosa - Beadhisattva with 39 votes (8%)
5th place - 15. Motherhood - Annahatvani with 32 votes (6%)
6th place - 9. Honeybee - formely WhiteRabbitJewels now CrimsonFrog with 27 votes (5%)
tied for 7th place 3. Onyx beadwoven necklace - Navajo - Kankou and 8. Dying Coral Reef - AngelqueCreations with 26 votes (5%)
8th place - 5. Ray of Hope - beadn4fun with 21 Votes (4%)
9th place - 4. This Island Earth - ElementalNature with 15 votes (3%) and tied

10th place -11. Peace on Earth - enchantedbeads and 16. Serenity Bead - AnnetaValious with 10 Votes (2%)

Congratulations also go to Sharri of TheBeadedBead and her entry The Forgotten Coast for winning the internal member vote. Sharri will have the honors of selecting the theme for the August Challenge.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The June EBW Challenge - Heal the World

The June 2011 challenge, chosen by Anna Hatvani, invited our members to create original designs inspired by the theme "Heal the World."
Voting for the challenge runs June 9th - June 15th, 2011. Please visit EBW Blog and vote for your favorite, here:

"Many of us work or volunteer at animal shelters, churches, and in other social fields, and all of us experience daily the wounds of the Earth. Imagine the future our children will inherit: nuclear catastrophes, epidemics, extinct species, environment pollution, wasted water and energy, the effects of Global Warming, child abuse, and wars all around...."

My entry is #11, PEACE on EARTH

Conflict and aggression are extremes that lead to death, to disappearance of humanity, of animals, of plants. War is conflict of power. The way good is able to stand up against evil defines us as humans. Every single person should be the drop that makes the ocean.

Artists are known for always standing up against war through works of art symbolizing the spirit of peace. I hope my little "Peace on Earth" brooch will be able to raise awareness against evil in the world.

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