Saturday, September 10, 2011

EBW September Challenge - "Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!"

Ann of FrancescasFancy, challenged us to create a piece for "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" Walk on your wild side and unleash your inner beast! Find inspiration in any animal of your choice, and then, add an element of magic and mystery from the books or movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Use your wildlife in any way you like. It might be a face, silhouette, a foot or paw print, scary or humorous pose, or whatever you find interesting. Then add a hint of the Emerald City with a splash of green, or walk the beads in steps made by the ruby slippers. You might weave the yellow brick road, or the flying monkeys may swing into your work. Maybe you twist a creation reminiscent of a tornado, with swirling colors in chaos.
There are an abundance of iconic elements to draw from. You could play on one of the many themes of Dorothy's journey in her search for a way home. The only requirements are to have an animal represented and something from the magical land of Oz.

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My entry is #14

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