Friday, October 8, 2010

EBW October Challenge

Autumn Falling of Leaves

Voting: 9 - 15 of October in the EBW Blog:

My entry is #58

This month's challenge theme "Autumn Falling of Leaves" was chosen by Isabella of Bead4me winner of the August Challenge.
What an amazing response to this month with 59 entries! So hard to choose! The voting will start on Oct 9 and run until Oct 15. To view the entries please click on the links below

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My EBW September Challenge entry

I made a cuff this time:

This is my version of the rich, luscious, colorful jewelry you would admire in Bollywood movies. This cuff bracelet would sit majestically on the wrist of a beautiful princess or a gorgeous Indian dancer populating Bollywood dreams.

The base is a black leather-covered brass cuff. It fits all sizes and it is 4.5 cm (1 3/4") wide. The centerpiece measures 5.5 cm (2 1/8"). I made it with a mother of pearl round framed with size 15 Miyuki seed beads in shades of rose pink and lavender and topped with a beautiful flower. For the flower I used a hot pink faceted crystal (20 mm x 20 mm) surrounded by size 11 seed beads. The cuff is finished with two symmetrical floral embellishments made with German glass cabochons and size 11 seed beads.

I created this piece for the September 2010 Etsy Beadweavers Challenge, “Bollywood”. Please visit the EBW blog
between 9-15 September and vote for your favorite.

NEWS from the EBW BLOG

September "Bollywood" Challenge Voting Sept 9- 15

This month's challenge theme "Bollywood" was chosen by Anna of Teasebeads winner of the July Challenge. Anna's challenge was.... "We all have seen Bollywood movies and I think that you will agree with me that it is a world of colors, music, beautiful women and shining jewelry. Lets fantasize on the subject of Indian jewelry as we see them !"

We have had another outstanding response to this month with 52 entries, and it will be difficult to decide which is your favorite, please look at each entry by clicking on their links below the image. You can vote on your favorite from September 9th to September 15th

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Artfire Collection (1)

Friday, August 6, 2010

July Challenge

July Challenge "The Secret Garden"

This month's challenge theme was chosen by our winner of the May Challenge Ileana of EnchantedBeads and I think that the theme is excellent and once again produced some amazing work by our members.

The theme - The Secret Garden was Ileana's challenge "Thinking of a summer theme for our July Challenge, I am obsessing with beautiful flowers, magical gardens, sunny landscapes. Every artist has a secret garden, real or imaginary. A garden full of colors! Birds, butterflies, lizards could be guests as well. I am inviting you to stir up your imagination and to introduce your own secret garden to us. It would be even more exciting if you accompany your beautiful beadwoven creation with a picture that inspired you. "

To best decide the Winner, you can click on their links below the image. You can vote on your Favorite from July 9th to July 15th.

10. There's a Secret in my Garden - Sedonaskye
11. Mystery pool - AnnaCohen
12. My Secret Garden necklace - Daniellart
13. Crystal Rivoli Beaded Flower Necklace - SpringColors
14. Tea Time in my Secret Garden - BeadazzledofOregon
15. Secret Garden Floral Beadwoven Necklace - MaryTDesigns
16. Krystina's Secret Garden Beaded Bracelet - Crystalwonders
17. My Blooming Garden - TreasureBead
18. Moss Garden Beadwoven Necklace - HannahRachel
19. My Secret Garden Necklace - CieloDesign
20. Forget-me-not bouquet - Ballroomchic
21. Freeform Bead Woven Cobalt Blue Bracelet - KRDesigns11
22. Heavenly Shades of Night - CindyCaraway
23. Hidden Rose Garden Necklace - FrancescasFancy
24. My Secret Garden - Enchantedbeads

Thank you Ann of Francesca's Fancy for making this mosaic for us!!!

Congratulations to Anna of TreasureBead with 206 (24%) of the votes winner of this month's challenge "The Secret Garden:"

Friday, June 11, 2010

EBW June Challenge - Phenomenon

I am participating in this Challenge again. My entry is #1, "Ice Storm"

This theme was chosen by Isabella, beads4me, the Winner of our April Challenge. To best decide the Winner, you can click on their links below the image. You can vote on your Favorite from June 9th to June 15th.

"As I Have said before, I have found that the nature is the perfect creation, it always gives me inspiration to create some thing of my own by using the colors or the appearance. The ability to use it and let it effect our handmade creation is amazing by itself.
In the last few weeks, we were all witnesses to another affect of one such Iceland volcano.
Try to remember one Phenomenon that amazed you the most and transfer it to amazing beaded jewelry".

Jun10_PhenomComp by goodquillhunting.

1. Ice Storm - enchantedbeads

2. Bursting with Topaz Beadwoven Necklace - TerriFayeJewelry

3. Earthquake Phenomenon - Jewelrybyjane29

4. Phoenix Art Necklace - christinesbeadworks

5. Mulberry Tree Necklace - annamei

6. The Power of Water - Waterfall Necklace - Medic5415

7. Rebirth - BettyStephanBeadwork

8. Harvest Moon Golden Statement Pendant - sagescupboard

9. Northern Lights - Beadwoven Cuff in Deep Metallic Blue - TheCrimsonMoon

10. The Nautilus Necklace - LaBellaJoya

11. Atlantic Beach, Long Island - southfielddesigns

12. Purple Bronze and Black Northern Lights Necklace - HannahRachel

13. Obsidian necklace Total Eclipse of the Sun - Kankou

14. Olympics Beaded Crystal Bracelet Cuff - crystalwonders

15. Polaris star pendant necklace - AnnaCohen

16. Hawaii After a Rain - BeadCatcher

17. Vulcano - June Challenge Phenomenon - MacrameByMaja

18. Northern Lights - JoyFullyJewels

19. White Spiral Necklace Rolling Snowballs - KRDesigns11

20. Lava Flow Sculptural Beadwork Necklace - bead4me

21. Africa - PFordCustomJewelry

22. Black Rock Beaded Necklace Unique Jewelry Mother Earth - SpringColors

23. For Neytiri - daynamiles

24. DORCAS - Stellaltinaan

25. Devouring The Sun - Beadwoven Solar Eclipse Pendant - gr8jewellery

26. Rhythm of the sea bracelet - beademecum

27. Rainbow Cuff Bracelet - FrancescasFancy

Thank you Ann of Francesca's Fancy for making this mosaic for us!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer EART Trunk Show

Shop at the EART trunk show

Shop at the EART trunk show
Monday, 6/14, 8 pm CST, Etsy virtual labs - Moon room. Discount code given at the show. Click on the image to go to the virtual labs.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Challenge and...the Winner

I Won! Please take a look:

May Challenge Winner-Embedded Colors in the World of Insects

Congrats to Ileana from Enchanted Beads with 20% of the vote for the win for this month's challenge!!!!

The Runner's-up are as follows:
18. Monarch-Butterfly Sculptural Beadwork Necklace - bead4me 101 (16%)
9. Dazzling Dragonfly Necklace Choker - crystalwonders 86 (14%)
24. Purple Crystal Jewelry Butterfly Wings - SpringColors 37 (6%)
16. Hewittson's Blue Hairstreak Butterfly Necklace - gypsyeyesjewelry 35 (5%)
11. Along the Garden Walk - BeadazzledofOregon 29 (4%)
21. Free Spirit Monarch Cuff Bracelet - GoodQuillHunting 26 (4%)
22. Hajari Art Necklace - Hokaiye 26 (4%)
3. Twirling Ladybugs - sagescupboard 21 (3%)
15. HUNKY CHUNKY - crownrosegems 19 (3%)

May Challenge-Embedded Colors in the World of Insects

This theme was chosen by Isabella, beads4me, the Winner of our April Challenge.

May10_InsectComp by goodquillhunting.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Challenge Winner-Light as a Breeze

April Challenge Winner-Light as a Breeze

Congrats to Isabella of bead4me for the win for this month's challenge!!!! 2 months in a row!

The Runner's-up are as follows:
2. First Morning - Lauralia 80 (10%)
3. Love And Spring Weddings Necklace Set - demetgun3 79 (10%)
4. Ocean Breeze Bracelet - AngelqueCreations 44 (6%)
5. Awakening - beadwoman3 40 (5%)
6. Light as a Breeze - beadshead 39 (5%)
7. Ocean Breeze - SpringColors 26 (3%)
8. Sky Blossoms - sagescupboard 21 (2%)
9. She comes to You Light As The Breeze - crystalwonders 20 (2%)
10. Flowers on the Breeze - MaryTDesigns 16 (2%)

Thank you goes to all our gorgeous entries and to our voters! We really appreciate your participation!
Our next challenge is Embedded Colors in the World of Insects

Monday, April 12, 2010

April EBW Challenge - Light as a Breeze

So many beautiful entries again! You can cast your vote until April 15 in the Etsy Beadweavers Blog:

Friday, March 19, 2010

March Challenge-A Fairy Tale

March Challenge Winner - A Fairy Tale

Congrats to Isabelle of beads4me for the win for this month's challenge!!!!

The Runner's-up are as follows:
2. 277 (21%) Thumbelina's Garden Necklace - thistledew4u
3. 108 (8%) White Rabbit is late late late - daniellart
4. 75 (5%) Lady Of The Mine - MadeByOlga
5. 74 (5%) The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg - gypsyeyesjewelry
6. 52 (3%) Cinderellas Midnight Garden - sandystreasure
7. 49 (3%) 1001 Nights - triz
8. 48 (3%) Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Cuff - AngelqueCreations
9. 42 (3%) Snow White is Getting Married - enchantedbeads
10. 41 (3%) The Frog Prince Memorial Necklace - RedCatArtBeads

* * *

I am happy to be placed among the first 10 (
Runner's-up) with 42 (3%) votes!

Snow White is Getting Married -  Beadwoven Bridal Necklace with Rivoli Stones Moonlight

"Snow White is getting married" is #7 in the Mosaic

* * *

The challenge piece should be inspired by a known Fairytale. Every participant needs to describe in their listing what the inspiration and name of the Fairy Tale. The piece could represent absolutely anything: good or evil characters, flowers, objects, animals or places and castles, but in needs to be tied to a story.

EBWC March 2010 Challenge by goodquillhunting.

1. Gilded Ice - MoreThanSomewhat

2. Sleeping Beauty Beadwoven Necklace - TheCrimsonMoon

3. EMERALD CITY - caraway

4. Princess Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Necklace - Starwaves

5. Under the Sea Bracelet - LaBellaJoya

6. Cinderellas Midnight Garden - sandystreasure

7. Snow White is Getting Married - enchantedbeads

8. Snow White and Rose Red - AsteropeBC

9. Happily Ever After Bridal Choker - MaryTDesigns

10. Dorothy Over the Rainbow and the Wizard of OZ - Jewelrybyjane29

11. SHARAZAD Necklace - incim

12. Down the Rabbit Hole - ThreeFatesDesign

13. Lady Of The Mine - MadeByOlga

14. The Queens Jewels - beadwoman3

15. Princess the Frog necklace - ArtBeadwork

16. Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Cuff - AngelqueCreations

17. The Elephant and the Mahout - trinitydj

18. White Rabbit is late late late - daniellart

19. Thumbelina's Garden Necklace - thistledew4u

20. Snowqueen of Narnia Necklace - CieloDesign

21. Maleficent's Cauldron Necklace - njdesigns1

22. 1001 Nights - triz

23. Faerie Tales - DesigningRoseStore

24. The Frog Prince Memorial Necklace - RedCatArtBeads

25. Under the sea - bead4me

26. Lembas Necklace With Magical Powers - zaziebeads

27. The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg - gypsyeyesjewelry

28. Sleeping princess - Lauralia

29. Little Mermaid Princess Necklace - FrancescasFancy

30. Child's Dream Bracelet - anyachristine

31. Snow-White step mother-the queen's mirror- beadshead

Thank you Ann of Francesca's Fancy for making this mosaic for us!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I was very pleasantly surprised to find my Brooch mentioned in Lifestyle!

Another wonderful place to find unique and lovely brooches is the multitude of shops on One of these online shops, Enchanted Beads, has the Deep Sea Brooch with Mother of Pearl and Blue Flower that brings images of the beach and the ocean to one's mind. This enchanting piece of art is reasonably priced at $39.00 and would be a lovely accent to any spring blouse, shirt, or sweater".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Challenge-Ocean/Sea Theme

This challenge theme was chosen by the winner of the last Challenge - Melissa of Grakowsky. We have 46 entries this time around!! To view details about each entry you can click on the links below the image.

My entry is # 4.

You can vote on your Favorite from Feb 9th to Feb 15th in the Beadweavers Blog,

1. Caribbean Sea Blues Necklace - ambrosianbeads
2. Mermaid's Treasure Necklace - HannahRachel
3. the leafy series - ocean - randomcreative
4. Sea World - enchantedbeads
5. Treasures by The Sea - SmadarsTreasure
6. Iced Cap Ocean Silver Bead Woven Bracelet - Jewelrybyjane29
7. Beadwoven Glass Earrings - Red Coral - alatvian
8. Ocean Garden Set - AngelqueCreations
9. Oceans' Raging Calm Necklace - Njdesigns1
10. Sailor's Song - christinesbeadworks
11. The Mermaid Path - sagescupboard
12. Sea Urchin - triz
13. Surfing Waves Lariat Necklace - Starwaves
14. Wave swirls - Daniellart
15. The Black Sea Inspiration - ArtBeadwork
16. Breaking Waves Bracelet - MaryTDesigns
17. Shells and Seahorse - ArtfulAr
18. Calypso's Valentine Necklace - HauteIceBeadwork
19. Ocean Spirit - bead4me
20. Anfitrita's Bracelet - dreambeadweaver
21. Surf Pearls - lrcoastalart
22. Galveston - beadsandblooms
23. Tide Pool on a Cloudy Day - GinjaGirlDesigns
24. Tide Pool - sedonaskye
25. Purple Squid Brooch - annbooth9
26. The Little Mermaids Bracelet - BeadedExtravagance
27. Stormy Ocean Pools Necklace - wMarlaine
28. Ocean's Whisper - incim
29. Kelp Cuff - SophieBonneeDesigns
30. Amphitrite - Beadwoven Necklace - beadworkbyamanda
31. Ariel's Sweet Sixteen Bracelet - Stellaltinaan
32. Treasures of the Sea Brooch - roseworksjewelry

33. Finding Primo Lariat Necklace - sandystreasure
34. Bead Embroidered Purse Bottom of the Ocean - jodihorgan
35. Dolphin and Mermaid - GoldenZelda
36. Deep Blue - MadeByOlga
37. Imagined seas - Lauralia
38. POISON - debger
39. Rainbow Rockpool Pendant - nemeton
40. Sand and Sea Cuff - LaBellaJoya
41. Ocean Melange - MoreThanSomewhat
42. Beaded Cuff Moon over Stormy Waters - windyriver
43. Jewelry Seafoam - SpringColors
44. Stormy Seas Cuff - arosebyname
45. Ocean Deep Bead Embroidered Collar - glimmerstone
46. Ocean Waves Sea - beadshead

Thank you Ann of Francesca's Fancy for making this mosaic for us!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Featured by The Eclectic Element

I am featured by The Eclectic Element, a well known Blog. Kayla, the owner of this Blog is a talented blogger/writer and I could not be more pleased with her entry. Thank you, Kayla!

A Beadwoven Dream-Enchanted Beads

We have another beader amongst us-And her work is just STUNNING! Say hi to Ileana of Enchanted Beads, as well as, Enchanted Bitz on Etsy! Yes, dear readers, Ileana has not one, but two Etsy shops to lose yourself in; One for strictly beadwoven work and one for everything else...

This very talented soul is located in the big U.S of A in the upper east state of New York. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York to be more specific-Her studio overlooks the Verrazano Bridge to which she finds daily inspiration from :)

"I was always very creative and I used my free time for making things that I could wear or I would need around the house-A mosaic table for example. Later, I started making evening dresses with beautiful appliqu├ęs (flowers, leaves, butterflies) made of pearls and tiny beads, that looked like a piece of jewelry. Little by little, I realized that what I enjoyed best in designing and making an outfit was actually the elaborate embellishment. I started to make little pieces of jewelry, developing new techniques as my jewelry evolved. My decision to concentrate only on the embellishments was how I started my jewelry collection."

Currently a half-retired linguist who still aids in translations and telephone interpretations, Ileana spends most of her spare time on Etsy-She started her business when a friend of hers encouraged her to start her own shop back in 07,' but she really didn't get into it until February of 2008.

Since then, she has been working very hard to make her jewelry business a success; Throughout both of her shops, you can find many different types of jewelry, all of which are quality pieces and just absolutely beautifully made! From necklaces and pendants to brooches and pins to earrings, bracelets and a great deal of other odds and ends :)

Like I said above, Ileana uses nothing but the best for her products-She works with many things, but her favorite are semi-precious stones and pearls(you will see many of her designs encorporate those two things). Those combined with the tiniest of seed beads makes for some out-of-this-world jewelry!

"The scale, shape, and variety of color of the material help me to mold my pieces. I would use my seed beads much like a painter uses colors and brush strokes to convey his version of imagery."

Things to know about Ileana, her jewelry and her shop:

*How cool is this: Ileana has an interview which was included the 2007 issue of Crafts Report Magazine!

*Besides Etsy, you can find and purchase her work on many other sites, most of which include her own personal site, Artfire, and 1000 markets.

*If you want to know more about Ileana herself, you can follow both of her blogs, Ileana's Magical Time and Enchanted Beads, or you can follow her on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter.

*For payment, shipping and other information of the like, check out Ileana's Shop Policies Page.

Advice from Ileana: "Participate in as many contests as you can . Keep trying, keep improving yourself, and most importantly stay connected."

If you love the look of beadwoven items, your definitely going to have to check out Ileana's Enchanted Beads Shop. Of course if you like a variety of other styles and looks, I would advise to also check out her other shop, Enchanted Bitz!

Love and Energies.

Items in Post:

Sea World Collection: Fish Instinct Bracelet(February Birthstone)

The Treasure Geode Slice Brooch with Onyx, Coral, and Gemstones

Dancing Diva Amethyst Necklace with Mother of Pearl and Amethyst