Thursday, January 28, 2010

Featured by The Eclectic Element

I am featured by The Eclectic Element, a well known Blog. Kayla, the owner of this Blog is a talented blogger/writer and I could not be more pleased with her entry. Thank you, Kayla!

A Beadwoven Dream-Enchanted Beads

We have another beader amongst us-And her work is just STUNNING! Say hi to Ileana of Enchanted Beads, as well as, Enchanted Bitz on Etsy! Yes, dear readers, Ileana has not one, but two Etsy shops to lose yourself in; One for strictly beadwoven work and one for everything else...

This very talented soul is located in the big U.S of A in the upper east state of New York. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York to be more specific-Her studio overlooks the Verrazano Bridge to which she finds daily inspiration from :)

"I was always very creative and I used my free time for making things that I could wear or I would need around the house-A mosaic table for example. Later, I started making evening dresses with beautiful appliqu├ęs (flowers, leaves, butterflies) made of pearls and tiny beads, that looked like a piece of jewelry. Little by little, I realized that what I enjoyed best in designing and making an outfit was actually the elaborate embellishment. I started to make little pieces of jewelry, developing new techniques as my jewelry evolved. My decision to concentrate only on the embellishments was how I started my jewelry collection."

Currently a half-retired linguist who still aids in translations and telephone interpretations, Ileana spends most of her spare time on Etsy-She started her business when a friend of hers encouraged her to start her own shop back in 07,' but she really didn't get into it until February of 2008.

Since then, she has been working very hard to make her jewelry business a success; Throughout both of her shops, you can find many different types of jewelry, all of which are quality pieces and just absolutely beautifully made! From necklaces and pendants to brooches and pins to earrings, bracelets and a great deal of other odds and ends :)

Like I said above, Ileana uses nothing but the best for her products-She works with many things, but her favorite are semi-precious stones and pearls(you will see many of her designs encorporate those two things). Those combined with the tiniest of seed beads makes for some out-of-this-world jewelry!

"The scale, shape, and variety of color of the material help me to mold my pieces. I would use my seed beads much like a painter uses colors and brush strokes to convey his version of imagery."

Things to know about Ileana, her jewelry and her shop:

*How cool is this: Ileana has an interview which was included the 2007 issue of Crafts Report Magazine!

*Besides Etsy, you can find and purchase her work on many other sites, most of which include her own personal site, Artfire, and 1000 markets.

*If you want to know more about Ileana herself, you can follow both of her blogs, Ileana's Magical Time and Enchanted Beads, or you can follow her on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter.

*For payment, shipping and other information of the like, check out Ileana's Shop Policies Page.

Advice from Ileana: "Participate in as many contests as you can . Keep trying, keep improving yourself, and most importantly stay connected."

If you love the look of beadwoven items, your definitely going to have to check out Ileana's Enchanted Beads Shop. Of course if you like a variety of other styles and looks, I would advise to also check out her other shop, Enchanted Bitz!

Love and Energies.

Items in Post:

Sea World Collection: Fish Instinct Bracelet(February Birthstone)

The Treasure Geode Slice Brooch with Onyx, Coral, and Gemstones

Dancing Diva Amethyst Necklace with Mother of Pearl and Amethyst

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  1. I'm so glad that I could have had you on the site-And I'm also glad that you enjoyed the write up!
    Your jewelry is so gorgeous, I'm happy to be able to showcase it :D