Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August EBW Challenge - My Entry

My artistic soul was always fascinated by Cameos. They are witnesses of elegant styles for many great Ladies in history.

To create this beautiful, one of a kind brooch I used a vintage Victorian Cameo found in a antique store. It did not have a frame or a setting so it was the perfect object for me to embellish with love. I framed it with small coral beads and size 15 gold and copper seed beads from Japanese Miyuki, sewn one bead at a time, in a design that would enhance its natural beauty. The brooch measures approx. 47 mm x 45 mm x15 mm and has a strong, good quality pin back. It is beautifully finished with leather (see last picture) and my initials IM are stamped into the sterling silver palette that is applied to the back of the brooch. A lovely conversation piece!

I created this Cameo Brooch for the August 2009 Etsy Beadweavers Challenge. The theme is 'First Ladies of Style' and the Cameo Brooch is a tribute to the feminine beauty.

Cameos held a very important place in history from the ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, ancient Greece to the Renaissance revival and 19-th century France, where Cameos became the "most sought after jewel by Queens and Princesses throughout Europe".

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